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Course Details

Course Title: Lab Management Essentials for new managers

Course date:  8th - 12th July

Location: Istanbul turkey

Teaching Language: English with Arabic Translation

Fees: €2000 includes:

  • Training materials

  • Coffee break

  • Lunch

  • One free consultation ( 30 min) within the first 30 days after training

  • Participants will receive an official training certification 

You can download the information for this course by selecting a PDF document below.

About the workshop:

This Workshop  is designed  and conducted by  Dr. A. Hammad, a Global Performance Excellence Practitioner and Advisor and the CEO of Xi- Horizons Consulting-Ireland.  Dr Hammad has more than 25 years of experience in working with fortune 500 companies across Europe,  Americas, China, India and MENA regions to achieve major productivity gains  that  delivered bottom-line results  in a short cycle time.


Dr. Hammad has trained and coached a significant number of Lab supervisors and Lab Managers during his implementations of Lean High performance labs across different industries and Locations. The knowledge and the skills the  supervisors and managers gained has helped them to achieve outstanding  Lab performance and also drive efficiency in their labs constantly.

Who should attend?

  • New laboratory managers,

  • Experienced managers with new responsibilities

  • Lab supervisors,

  • Project leaders.

Workshop Duration

This is a 5-days workshop from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day

The challenges for Lab Managers?

  • For new managers as well as experienced managers managing a laboratory in order to meet customer demand in a timely manner is always a great challenge!

  • Some of these challenges are; Sample arrival variation in terms of type and quantity, Analyst workload, Analyst capability, equipment down-time and material replenishment.

  • Also in most of the labs the focus is always on the flow of individual tests or activities not on Batches and data through the total lab process and the impact on the consumable cost to run these tests is always hidden.

  • Evaluating laboratory performance, manage change and plan for the future, and network with other laboratory managers is also a fundamental part of any  Lab manager.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Enhance Lab productivity and boost your team performance

  • Be able to define and focus your team on the lab mission and Objectives

  • Understand how to motivate your team and drive personal accountability

  • Know how to develop and evaluate lab performance; daily, weekly and monthly

  • Develop and implement a Multi-Tier system for Lab operations management

  • Understand the concept of Level-Loading and its application in the Lab Environment

  • Understand the importance of Standardization and how it will impact lab performance

  • How to create a structure for developing a  multi-skilled Analyst

  • Identify  the waste and its types in the Lab Environment

  • Initiate and drive continuous improvement

  • How to always exceed customer demand

  • Think different and Have Fun!

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