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Lean leaders around the world invest substantial time and money on change initiatives that achieve positive results. Most often, they find it is hard to sustain momentum. Each new Lean tool becomes another possible solution or "best practice" only to create a temporary boost in results and a small taste of victory. It doesn’t take many such cycles for associates to feel jaded, frustrated and even burnt out.

The Shingo Model™ is not an additional Lean program or change initiative to implement. Rather, it introduces the 10 Shingo Guiding Principles on which to anchor your current initiatives. It fills the gaps in your efforts towards ideal results and enterprise excellence.

Learn more about how the Shingo Model can drive your culture toward enterprise excellence by attending the Shingo Workshop Series, which includes five workshops. The first workshop in the series, DISCOVER EXCELLENCE, is a prerequisite and provides the foundational understanding of the Shingo Model and the 10 Shingo Guiding Principles. The following three workshops — CULTURAL ENABLERS, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and ENTERPRISE ALIGNMENT & RESULTS — can be taken in any order. These workshops take participants deeper into the Shingo Model and provide a more profound understanding of the ideal behaviors necessary to achieve ideal results within an organization. BUILD EXCELLENCE is the capstone workshop that takes all the detailed learnings from the previous Shingo workshops and teaches participants how to build systems that drive behavior which will consistently deliver desired results. Click the buttons below to learn more about each workshop.

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