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Developing a High Performing Mentors for C.I. Projects


This 1 day workshop is designed to help process improvement champions and mentors drive the speed of execution for the Continuous Improvement projects and reduce project cycle time.

Participants will learn an effective mentoring process designed to make the mentoring sessions highly productive and prepare project champion to deal with difficult mentoring situation as well as how to diagnose and address problems preventing the team from making solid progress towards achieving the project goals.


Who Should Attend?

| Change agent | Project Champions | New Mentors

| Green Belt\Black Belt | Business Process Improvement Managers


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn Effective mentoring process and what makes an efficient  mentor

  2. Mentor roles and responsibilities are well defined

  3. Learn how to conduct an effective 1:1 mentoring session with a project champion

  4. Learn what questions you should ask for each project phase and also, what tool should be used

  5. Ensure correct application of the continuous improvement tools

  6. Learn how to prepare the project champion for a successful phase exit review

  7. Learn how to manage difficult mentoring situations

  8. Learn how to work with the project champion to identify and remove roadblocks facing the project progress

  9. How to work with the project champion to diagnose team problems and understand clearly the stages of team development during the project cycle

  10. Help project champion achieve project goals

  11. Learn what resources you need for your mentor development process

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