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Standard Work and Layout Design and Optimization

Standard Work and Layout Design and Optimization

Duration : 2 -days Interactive workshops

Pre-requisite Training: non

Who should attend :Shop floor associates, Engineers, Technicians, Managers and Change Agents.

Learning Objectives:

Standard Work is a key element of any Lean Production System, the objective of this workshop, utilizing Learn by doing approach, is to provide participant with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Standard work.  The second part of this course about the strategies to come up with a good layout design and how to use a structured approach for optimizing your design. The workshop will cover the following:

  • What is Standard Work ? and why it is important?

  • Standard Work vs. Work standards

  • The prerequisites for Stanadard Work

  • Standard work elements; Takt Time, Work Sequence and SWIP

  • Balancing to takt time

  • How to develop a Standard work:

  • 10 cycle data gathering and analysis

  • Standard Work Analysis

  • Job reference sheet

  • Takt time calculation

  • Work combination sheet

  • Standard work layout

  • Line Balance and Yamazumi chart

  • How to implement standard work.

  • How to sutain standard work

  • Strategies for Layout Design

  • 3 P process

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