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Quality Excellence

What is Quality?

''Quality is never an accident; it is always the results of high intension, sincere effort , intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives'' - William A Foster

what is the cost of poor Quality?

  • The cost of finding and fixing defects

  • Failing to meet customer expectations the first time

  • A missed opportunity for increased efficiency

  • Loss in market share

  • Increase in cycle time/lead time

  • Cost associated with disposing of defects

  • For an average company the COPQ can be as high as 25% of total sales!!

Six-Sigma “ A Quality Initiative”

A rigours and systematic data-driven approach and methodology that seeks to eliminate the defects in any process. In fact six-Sigma aims for nearly 100% conformance

What is Six-Sigma

The unique contribution of Six-Sigma is the development of a uniform way to measure and monitor performance and set extremely high expectations and improvement goals(i.e. Six-sigma is a systematic data-driven approach). It aims for:

  • Defects-free products,

  • Cycle time reduction, and

  • Cost saving (By continuously concentrating on the process)

  • Measuring,

  • Analysing

  • Improving and Controlling

Our  Six-Sigma Solutions is based on return on Excellence (ROX) Program Implementation.

The ROX program goes beyond the traditional class-based six-sigma training that mainly focus on the   

" theoretical approach" teaching huge number of tools in a short-period of time without practical application of the tools in a real life situation under the right coaching and mentoring to ensure the correct application of the tools as well as knowledge transfer.


ROX structure:

1. Planning 
2. Training 
3. Coaching & Mentoring
4. Effective Sponsorship 
5. Rewards and Recognition


The Benefits of RXI Program:

1. Ensure Real applications of six-Sigma Methodology on high impact projects

2. Fully utilize critical-thinking for problem solving as well as process improvement projects

3. Provide just in time training and coaching throughout the project cycle to ensure successful application of the methodology as well as right selection of the tools within each phase of the DMAIC phases

4. Develop good Leadership skills as well as good decision-making process

5. Enable good communication process between project leader, process owner and Project sponsor

6. Deliver quantifiable return on your investment: financially validated cost savings and or avoidance

Please e-mail us at and we would be great to set up a call with you to discuss your needs and how can we help you achieve Quality Excellence for your organization.

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