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Lean High Performance Lab

Why Lean High Performance Lab?


In most QC laboratories sample arrival patterns and quantities as well as the mix of sample types is a highly complex problem that most of the Lab mangers faces and always results in.


1. Long Cycle Time

2. Low Productivity

3. True Capacity of the Lab is unknown

4. Excessive Overtime

5. Higher Retest rates and above all

6. Customer frustration and may incur additional storage cost

Our Experience with Lean HPL


Xi Horizons Consulting has developed and Implemented Lean HPL across different industries and geographic locations. Our unique approach for creating Lean HPL has resulted in a major Improvements  in the Lab KPI as well as the significant cost savings.

Below are the results of our recent Lean HPL implementations.


1. 100% right first time

2. 60% reduction in FG  testing Time

3. 40% reduction in RM testing time

4. 30%  Reductions in Lab consumables  for both Analytical & Micro

5. 30% reduction in labor hour (workload)

6. Equipment capacity  requirement  to meet ± 30% increase in demand

7. True capacity of the Lab is clearly defined

8. Enable the Lab to Achieve ISO 17025 Certification

Interested in  our Lean HPL services?


Please e-mail us at  and we would be great to set up a call with you to discuss your needs and how can we help you achieve Lean HPL for your organization

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