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Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt (Process Excellence Fundamentals)

Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt (Process Excellence Fundamentals)

Who should attend?

 Supervisors, Engineers, Quality Control Technicians, Managers and Change Agents.


Workshop Duration

This is a 2-days workshop


Course date:   TBD


Venue: TBD


Learning Objectives:

  1. Multi-Dimensional thinking and why it is a key for Excellence?

  2. Understand the basics and fundamentals Process thinking

  3. Demystify Six-Sigma methodology as key enabler for process excellence

  4. Define what is Lean and its origin and what is Lean about?

  5. How both Lean and Six-Sigma achieve their objectives?

  6. Gain in-depth understanding of Lean Principles and Fundamentals

  7. Clearly define WASTE vs. Value add activities

  8. Define the 8-Types of WASTE and be able to apply your learning back at your business area.

  9. Why we need both Lean and Six-Sigma to achieve process excellence?

  10. How to apply business opportunity selection matrix to focus on high impact projects

  11. Team skills and the components of an effective team for process excellence projects

  12. Understand and apply fundamentals Quality tools in a structured approach to solve  problems including:

    1. Process mapping ( including gap and disconnect analysis)

    2. Brainstorming

    3. Pareto Analysis

    4. Cause & Effect

    5. Why-Why analysis

    6. Run chart

    7. Selection criteria matrix

    8. Force Field Analysis

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