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Course Details

You can download the information for this course by selecting a PDF document below.

About the workshop:

This Workshop  is designed  and conducted by  Dr. A. Hammad, a Global Performance Excellence Practitioner and Advisor and the CEO of Xi- Horizons Consulting-Ireland.  Dr Hammad has more than 25 years of experience in working with fortune 500 companies across Europe,  Americas, China, India and MENA regions to achieve major productivity gains  that  delivered bottom-line results  in a short cycle time.

Dr. Hammad Achieved his Master Black belt certification in 2003 and he trained and coached hundreds of Green Belt and Black belts both at Dell and Boston Scientific globally. He also trained and certified three waves of Green Belts at Nestle Egypt and Morocco. Where he was able to train in both English and Arabic language to ensure clears understanding of the material and how to successfully apply it in real work. Significant results were achieved! References are available only for special in house training request for full class.

Course Title: Process Improvement Level - 1 (Six-Sigma Green Belt)

Course date:15th - 19th July 2018

Location: Istanbul turkey

Teaching Language: English with Arabic Translation

Fees: €2000 includes:

  • Training materials

  • Coffee break

  • Lunch

  • One free consultation ( 30 min) within the first 30 days after training

  • Participants will receive a official training certification 

Who should attend?

  • Engineers

  • Technicians

  • sales and Marketing Managers

  • Change Agents.

Workshop Duration

This is a 5-days workshop from 9:00am to 4:00pm each day

Workshop Objectives:

  • Define what is six-Sigma?

  • Understand the motivation for embracing six-sigma  and its supporting structure

  • Understand the DMAICR Methodology for problem solving

  • Describe the flow of responsibilities for management, the project team, and finance during a project

  • Learn how to use the Six Sigma problem-solving to create success of your organization.

  • How to create a good plan to sustain the improvement you achieved

  • Think different and Have Fun!

Workshop structure:

Day 1: 

Define Phase

Objective:  Define opportunities.....What is important?

Define Phase Tools:

  1. Project selection matrix

  2. Hoshin planning- Introduction

  3. Project charter  and Team charter

  4. Is and Is not analysis

  5. Stakeholder  and Customer Impacts analysis

  6. SIPOC and Process mapping

Day 3: 

Analyse Phase

Objective: Analyze Processes and Data..... What is wrong?

Analyze Phase Tools

  1. Process  map analysis

  2. Cause & Effect Diagram

  3. Cause Screening and 5-whys

  4. Scatter Plot  

  5. Regression & Correlation

  6. Process capability Indices

Day 5:

Control Phase

Objective:  Control and Sustain Performance...How do we sustain the gains?

Control Phase Tools

  1. Documentation and Standardization

  2. Communication plans

  3. Process control  plan

  4. CBA

  5. Reporting

Day 2: 

Measure Phase

Objective: Define Performance.....How are we doing?

Measure Phase Tools:

  1. Voice of the Customer: Kano Model

  2. Data collection plans

  3. CTQ tree and Metric table

  4. Normal distribution

  5. Descriptive statistics

  6. Data types- continuous vs. discrete

  7. Introduction to MSA

  8. Introduction to Control charts

Day 4: 

Improve Phase

Objective: Improve Performance.....What needs to be done?

Improve Phase Tools

  1. Benchmarking

  2. Brainstorming; structured & unstructured

  3. Affinity Diagram

  4. Weighted-voting

  5. Prioritization Matrix

  6. Force field analysis

  7. Risk Assessment- FMEA

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