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This foundational, two-day workshop introduces the Shingo Model, the Shingo Guiding Principles and the Three Insights to Enterprise Excellence™. With active discussions and on-site learning at a host organization, this program is a highly interactive experience. It is designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable as you discover how to release the latent potential in an organization to achieve enterprise excellence. It provides the basic understanding needed in all Shingo workshops; therefore, it is a prerequisite to all the other workshops, and concludes with the BUILD EXCELLENCE workshop.

As a participant, you will

  • Learn and understand the Shingo Model.

  • Discover the Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence™.

  • Explore how the Shingo Guiding Principles inform ideal behaviors that ultimately lead to sustainable results.

  • Understand the behavioral assessment process through an interactive case study and on-site learning.

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